We rebuild all Can-Am Rotax Engines For a Flat Rate of $250 + Parts, We also offer 840cc/860cc/975cc/1018cc/1020/1040cc/1105cc & 1180cc Big Bore kits as well as Dyno Tuning on our 3 in house DynoJet & Axis ATV/UTV Dynos. 

For Instance:
If your engine is completely thrashed & needs, New Crank, Rods, Pistons/Rings, Cylinders, & Chains, all new Bearing, Gaskets we do it all for around $1700. 
If you just need New Crank, Rods, Pistons/Rings, Cylinders, &, Gaskets it is around $1250.
If is just a Basic rebuild including New Pistons/Rings, Cylinders, & all new Bearing, & Gaskets around $900.
If you Just Sunk it & just need it taken apart, Inspected, cleaned & reassembled it is only $450 with gaskets, oil & filter.

All Rebuilds depend on what needs done, & nothing is done without a complete tear down & inspection, once rods, pistons, jugs, etc have been checked we will let you know what needs to be done or what is on the edge of operational tolerance & make recommendations, an average motor normally requires, crank, rods, pistons, cylinders, rings, bearings & gaskets, including oil filter & oil normal costs is $1300, as most people normally run them till crank is done or requires turning & oversized bearings or a whole new crank. Turning cranks can be little bit cheaper but does take a little bit longer to be done.

ECU Flashing Only $99!!!
We adjust Timing, Adjust Fuel Tables, Raise Rev Limiters, Raise Speed Limiters, Remove Torque Limiters, Gas & Brake limiters.

We Also offer Can Am B.U.D.S Services, for a Flat Rate of $35 (We can Change name that comes across the screen when you turn on your ATV/UTV, Reset Service Reminders, Add/Remove Program Keys, Instrument Cluster Pairing, Enabling or Centering Power Steering, Check Engine Code Diagnoses, etc, etc).

We also have a State of the Art DynoJet® & AXIS ATV/UTV Dynos , $150 get you 3 runs with print out of Horse Power & Torque $50 more includes Wideband (Air/Fuel) Custom Tuning is priced on a hourly basis & is $65 per hour we also do clutch adjustments, if you recently added something, or just want to squeeze every bit of power you can out of it, normally a full dyno tune is around $500. 

From Air/Fuel, Timing & Removing Limiters in factory Ecu we do it, & it's all done without having to open up your ecu box, we just plug rite in, Dyno Tuning will also include a before & after Dyno Graph, whether it's for fun or just Bragging rights we got you covered!!!.

We also offer the removal & installation of engines from your ATV or UTV for a Flat rate of $450 for ATV & $750 for UTV (By Appointment Only).

We do a lot of Polaris stuff like Lift Kits, Tender Springs, Exhaust, BOV's, Wheels/Tires, Clutches, ECU Flashing, Dyno Tuning as well w/ Wideband Air/Fuel.

We offer Lift kits, Wheels, Performance Exhaust & Dyno Tuning for all Makes & Models.

Located 15 Minutes from Downtown Memphis.

Powersports Tuning
P.O BOX 249 
GilletteWY 82717

Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm