Why are our prices so much cheaper ???

We have our own software, Hardware, Dyno's, etc. Meening we don't have to pay no one to use there software, or dyno, etc. We are the Source, Chances are if you send it to someone else & pay 2-4 times as much you are either going to get no tune, our tune, or they are just going to send it to us & send it back to you anyways.

We specialize in what we do, We have done more can am, cf-moto & odes ecu flashes then anyone, have been doing this since 2015, ride the same vehicles as you do, constantly fine tuning all our tunes.

 Why pay more for less!!!


Check out on the website & mail your ecu in & when we get it, we will make a copy of your factory tune with your name, make changes to your computer, & in a few days to a week your ecu is on it's way back to you & your saying man this is Awesome!!!


Guaranteed!! If you don't like it we'll either reflash, make changes or return it back to stock & return your $.


We can Adjust Fuel, Timing, Speed Limiters, Rev Limiters, Torque Limiters, Fans, Limp Modes, Knock Sensors, etc, etc


Now you can Check out Online, Print your Receipt, and Mail in with your ECU to:


Powersports Tuning
P.O BOX 249 
GilletteWY 82717


The website will send you an email with the tracking number for the return of your computer. 


***If you do not have a printer, you can still send your ECU in with a piece of paper with your name, & phone number.


 ***Don't forget to include your name & Vehicle year make, model & engine size in the box with your ecu.