You can bring in your atv/utv & we can reflash it on the spot only takes 10-15 minutes by appointment only, or you can simply remove your computer ECM  & drop it in the mail with your name & phone# in the box & send it to our (Memphis, TN Store Only) & when we get it in a couple days, we will personally call you to verify what we are doing, we make a copy of your factory tune with your name, make changes to your computer, & in a few days your ecu is on it's way back to you & your saying man this is Awesome!!!


Guaranteed!! If you don't like it we'll either reflash, make changes or return it back to stock & return your $.


We can Adjust Fuel, Timing, Speed Limiters, Rev Limiters, Torque Limiters, Fans, Limp Modes, Knock Sensors, etc, etc


Now you can Check out Online, Print your Receipt, and Mail in with your ECU to:


Powersports Tuning
2856 Cela Rd 
Memphis, TN 38128


A Tech will contact you for specifics before flashing your ECU and when it is finished, the website will send you an email with the tracking number for the return of your computer. 


***If you do not have a printer, you can still send your ECU in with a piece of paper that states your name, number, and we will contact you when we receive it prior to flashing.


 ***Don't forget to include your name & phone# in the box with your ecu.


***If wanting to bring your ATV/UTV you will need to make appointment for this, & at this time I am not taking any more appointments.